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Penthouse in Tom Kundig Designed Building Asks $499K

1111 E. Pike is notable as being a 2011 AIA Housing Award winning project designed by Olson Kundig Architect's Tom Kundig. Inspired by classic cars that used to dot auto row showrooms right along this road, the building boasts big windows, high ceilings, steel features, and an exterior of colorful panelized siding. Penthouse Unit 603, which just hit the market asking $499K (plus $455/mo. in HOA dues) packs a lot of lifestyle into 750 square feet. The 1-BR has some great views from the outside deck as well as the living area. Is it more like an "open 1-BR?" It might feel that way in the bedroom, which resembles more of a large hallway with a bed in it. But, you're probably here less for the personal space and more for what's around it. The rooftop deck upstairs, the Capitol Hill lifestyle below. Plus, the custom-designed "puzzle door" in the unit allows owners to adapt the space as they see fit. Don't like the way everything lines up? Change it yourself.

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