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Check Out This Whole House Remodel on Mercer Island

Project Name: Whole House Remodel
Location: Mercer Island
Timeframe: September 2012 - February 2013
Cost: $240K
Professional: Schock Construction & contractors
Description: his project was located on a steep driveway with limited access, making it challenging for all the subcontractors to have access when needed. The kitchen originally was a galley style with little room for the owners to cook together. Schock removed and moved walls to create a larger footprint to open the space up along with adding and moving windows to take advantage of the incredible view. The stairwell walls on the lower floors were opened up while the upper staircase walls were removed completely, replaced with a stainless and wood open-style railing system. In the downstairs area, they built a kitchenette for movie nights and guests along with a new bathroom and laundry room.

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