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Watch The U.S. Open From House Overlooking Chambers Bay

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If you lived across the street from Chambers Bay, the site of the U.S. Open, you'd have to become a better golfer, even if it was just from hearing the thwhack of the balls and watching the other golfers to critique them. Being that close is like someone building an open-air gym that you couldn't ignore. You're bound to get in shape. The privilege of such a location goes to whoever buys this 4 bedroom, 1.1 bath, 2,081 square foot rambler. It's only about a block of a walk, but not far by golf course standards. The asking price is $295,000 for a house that looks forward to an upgrade. The windows and paint are up-to-date, but the cabinetry reinforces the build date of 1978. But, who cares? Buy it as an incentive and a reminder to make your game better. Some golf devotees buy mansions on fairways. Buy a suburban rambler instead, and have money left over for new clubs and cleats. When you get home, enjoy the fact that one of the nice additions is your own version of the 19th tee, a wet bar just off the kitchen.

· 9807 61st Street Ct W, University Place [Zillow]
· U.S. Open [USO]
· Chambers Bay Golf Course [CBGC]
Written by Tom Trimbath