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Be Completely Different in a $398K Stucco Carriage House

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How many three-story, stucco, carriage houses are there in Seattle? There's at least one, over by the Fauntleroy ferry terminal. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and 1,010 square feet and an asking price of $398,000; but visitors are more likely to be drawn to the uncommon architecture, opportunities for expression, and maybe even some stories from history. The first floor has two front doors, or more likely, one door and a window shaped like a door, considering the flowers hanging off it. The second floor is faced with slightly peaked, mullioned windows, with a center crest in the center window. It looks more like the captain's cabin on a galleon than a bedroom's window wall. The third level is set back and on the bottom level, not quite a basement, but a quiet, cooler place for the living room. Inside, there are touches like the artistic wrought iron banister supports, the gridded window in the front door, the exposed (and probably original) brick wall in the kitchen, and roughened wall on the lower level. Regardless of what you do with it, there will be plenty of speculation about why someone back then decided to build a house like this in that spot. Was it truly a carriage house? It which case, what kind of carriage, and were horses involved? A three floor carriage house is uncommon now, and probably was then. Was it horses downstairs, carriages in the middle, and the people upstairs? Or, was it just a carriage house style, that someone added more style too? With stories like those it probably won't be boring living there.

· 4710 SW Wildwood Place [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath