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$1.08M Cedar Park NW Contemporary Floats in the Trees

Taking the stairs or an elevator to a condo is no big deal. People do it everyday. Having a house that you have to take the stairs or an elevator to get you, well, that stands out, even if the house in question is nestled in the woods. In Cedar Park, this four-bedroom Northwest Contemporary recently hit the market asking $1.075M and if you can find it, it might make for a great getaway. Last sold for $887K in 2008, the luxury residence boasts a remodeled kitchen, open floor plan with brick fireplace and expansive view deck. The exposed wood beams and brick fireplace provide a feeling that's both rustic and urban at the same time. For guests, there's a separate studio apartment downstairs. The views, well, those are pretty great no matter what level you're on. Elevator's going up. You taking the ride?

· 13581 41st Ave NE [Windermere]