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Shift Your Perspective for This $11M Pend Oreille Estate

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Shift your perspective, and don't be surprised if you didn't shift it enough. Skip the square footage for a moment. The house is a quarter acre inside. The property is over 1.4 square miles. You know you're talking about a big, remote property when the critter swimming across the water is not a duck on a pond but a moose in a lake - and the moose might want to wander around on your dock. There's an $11,000,000 property for sale that sounds innocuous and over-priced if all you concentrate on are the 4 bedrooms and 5 baths; but it is a 12,017 square foot house with several other buildings on 918 acres that includes a 150-acre lake. Dropping by isn't easy unless you have an airplane; otherwise, drive to Spokane, hang a left, and drive north another hour and a half or so. Welcome to a magnificent piece of real estate in Pend Oreille.

The house alone is worth a book. A small forest must have been felled because the 12,017 square foot main house is built as a log cabin with wood almost everywhere. Rarely does a room have sheetrock. The exception is the exterior walls, which are more likely to be windows. Most 4 bedroom homes have a phenomenal master suite with a lot less detail and style in the other bedrooms and baths. Every bedroom, every bathroom is taken to such a high level of luxury and decoration to surpass most typical homes. If there's a chance for fine woodwork, they took it. If there's a chance for ornate carving they carved it, but held back from going to extremes.

The house isn't the only building or even the only living quarters. The pool house is 8,000 square feet, and is far more than just a roof over water; which again is done in log cabin style on a grand scale. It truly becomes a spa that would be a destination resort for most. Then, there's the staff quarters, and as you step through the rest of the features of the property you get to realize that the staff is much more than a maid and a butler. It is easy to imagine dozens of people tending the property, and they have their own building. Scattered around the land are other buildings, one of which looks like a true log cabin homestead, and one that goes back even further - a tipi, though probably not original.

The grounds, the acreage, the square mileage provide enough room for horses to really roam, and riders to really ride. The horse barn has stalls that are of higher build quality than some 'luxury' condos. With 918 acres to work with, there's plenty of safe space for the rifle range - and probably no complaints from the neighbors. Tending the grounds requires a fleet of vehicles that far surpass garden tractors, which probably means adding a mechanic or three to the crew. A 150 acre lake is much more than a puddle, so the idea of a fleet takes on its original meaning because there is a fleet of boats available as well.
· 152 Locke Cutoff Rd, Cusick [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath