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Here's the Mixed-Use Complex Replacing the Piecora Building

Folks in Capitol Hill have been waiting (dreading?) to hear what would replace the Piecora building as soon as it was sold to Equity Residential last April. They'll get their first look at the new building tonight when Equity and Ankrom Moisan present their plans for mixed-use complex at 1401 E Madison Ave to the design review board. Plans for the the six-story to include 140 residential units, 4,000 sf of commercial space and 140 below-grade parking spots. The complex will actually consist of two pieces, an "urban edge" that runs along the busy 14th/Madison streets and a "private mews" that sits inland from street access. A courtyard would rest in-between the two. As CHS notes, it kinda-sorta looks like "three empty pizza boxes tilted on their sides," an inadvertent nod to the longtime owner of the property that probably isn't a nod at all.

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