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New Hugo House Complex Design Comes Up For Review

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From a mortuary to a theater to the beloved writers' haven Hugo House, the building at 1634 11th Avenue has seen a lot of changes. There's a big one forthcoming as the property is set to be turned into a six-story complex that will contain the new & improved Hugo House, 80-100 residential units and another small retail space. The plans, from developer Meriwether Partners and architect Weinstein A+U, go before the design review board tonight for early design guidance. The Hugo House facility will share the ground floor of the L-shaped building with a 1,500 square-foot commercial space that will almost certainly become a cafe or coffee shop. They're also asking for space for 90-100 below-grade parking stalls as well. Of course, the existing building, which has stood since 1903, will be demolished. Such is progress...

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