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What 10 Historic Pike Place Market Scenes Look Like Today

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Pike Place Market only seems like it's been in a permanent stasis since it opened in 1907. It's actually undergone major changes, remodels, makeovers and rejuvenations in all that time. Another one of those changes begins today with the groundbreaking ceremony for Pike Place MarketFront, a multi-level expansion that will convert a .75-acre surface parking lot into a public plaza with table space for market sellers & artists, commercial space, low-income housing, a neighborhood center, and 300 public parking spaces. Future generations will probably see this iconic Seattle spot way differently than we know it today. Kinda like how we look back at the market in the 1920's, or even the 1970's. We decided to take a look at some photos of Pike Place yesteryear and compare them to the view today. Some things change, some things stay the same. Kinda like the new expansion, too.

↑ First off, it's true that some things have remained the same but this scene from 1907 looking south down Pike Place looks juuuuust a bit different these days.

↑ The market entrance at Pike Street in 1919. Some of the signs have changed but the Corner Market building looks exactly the same. You're on your own crossing that intersection though, the cops are usually too busy these days to direct traffic.

↑ We only go back to 1978 to see the corner of Pine Street & Pike Place. Beecher's seems like the kind of place that's been there forever but actually used to be a tavern spot. Imagine how nutty that place would be on a Saturday afternoon today?

↑ The original comes from 1919 and the recent shot of Pike Place looking south was by Seattlest's Re:Take. It wasn't always as congested there as it is today, but, there were still plenty of buggies to go around.

↑ From an early morning look down Pike Place in 1936 to an early morning look down Pike Place now.

Run, man! Get across Pike as quickly as possible. It's 1919, a horse or buggy could come speeding by any minute. To be fair, the traffic's probably far more lethal these days. That Starbucks spot across the way sure used to look at lot different.

Horse meat sales have dried up at the market since 1957. Today, you'll find Mr. D's Greek Delicacies in the same spot.

↑ The vendors and their products may change but the market interiors stay the same, from 1952 to 2015.

↑ When it comes to the Public Market sign, not much changes, year after year, day or night.

↑ One photo from 1939 and the other from more recent times remind us that flowers have always been in season at the market. Except when they're not in season...
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