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New Built Green House Hits Market in Columbia City

Built Green has little to do with color selection; otherwise this 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath house would've named Built White or Built Winter Tones. They're asking $589,000 for a 1,959 square foot house in Columbia City. This house is so green it got five stars (but are they green stars?). Inside the style is modern, and either clinical austerity, or elegant minimalism, depending on your point of view. Using less is very green, even when it is painted white, or shades of grey. Leave as is, or decorate with a few pieces of art. A little color stands out and improves places thanks to the contrast. Though, maybe that vault of a spa/tub/shower should be kept clean. Outside, the style is modern, too. Ironically, this Built Green house has very little green around it. The lot is only 2,101 square feet, which is smaller than most homes and leaves little for growing things with leaves. But, that also leaves a lot less time spent on maintenance of things like yards and hedges. It is interesting going green.

· Built Green [BG]
· 4455 Renton Ave S [Redfin]
Written by Tom Trimbath