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Help Us Pick the Most Terrible Renter's Tale in Seattle

For Renters Week, we asked you guys to share the worst Renter Horror Stories, downright terrifying tales of renting in Seattle, that you could muster. We picked two to represent the city's renting population and their trials & tribulations and now it's time to decide which one will go on to compete against Curbed sites nationwide. The prize? A free staycation in a local boutique hotel. Polls open until midnight tonight. National voting starts Friday. Here are excerpts from the two tales in contention...

It Seemed Like a Great Deal
A few months in we asked our landlord to send a repairman as we had mushrooms sprouting up on the edge of one of our carpets...after contacting our landlord and expressing concern for our safety, she wrote us off and told us we could move if we didn't like the place. This prompted us to call a city inspector out to check our unit and she was appalled. Little did we know we had been living in an illegal unit.

A Sight Better Left Unseen
Upon rolling up to my new apartment, I see people on street corners engaging in prostitution and I had a gentlemen come up to my car and ask if wanted to buy any crack cocaine. Not the best start but I was willing to give it a chance. I had a girlfriend at the time who was kind enough to stand outside my U-Haul while I hauled all the furniture up the stairs by myself because I didn't want anything stolen.

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· Renters Week 2015 archive [Curbed Seattle]