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Here's a Purple Seattle House Only Marie Schrader Could Love

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Fans of Breaking Bad surely remember the character of Marie Schrader and her obsession with the color purple. She wore it near incessantly and her home furnishings usually shared in her palette. Sadly, Marie Schrader is not a real person, but if she were, we would call her up right now and let her know about the four-bedroom home at 3718 S Cloverdale Street in Beacon Hill currently asking $324,900. Because, for the love of Grimace and Barney, that house is purple. The exterior is purple, the carpet is purple, the living room is purple, the kitchen is purple, the bedrooms are purple, the bathroom is purple and even the back deck is purple. We don't you if you're going to be the one who knocks, but if you do, bring some grape jelly with you.

· 3718 S Cloverdale St [Estately]