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Test Out Houseboat Living Aboard This Seattle Rental

Image: Airbnb
Image: Airbnb

What do you call a space that's set up as a hotel room but has a minimum stay of 30 days? Whatever it is, you can stay there for $2,239 per month; which isn't nearly as interesting as the fact that it is a small houseboat. Want to try tiny house living? Here's a way. Want to try living on a houseboat? It's good for that, too. Want to live somewhere that will create a new story every day? Yep. There's a houseboat on Airbnb that's set up for one or two people. It is a sweet little place with an arched wood ceiling, a wood burning fireplace, built-in wood furniture, and more features than most hotel rooms. It is not, however, a Sleepless in Seattle-style houseboat with things like extra rooms and regular furniture.

This is cozy houseboat living in an excellent location halfway between the Fremont and Ballard bridges on the south side of the cut. Drawbridges are not a concern, unless you're headed to the Wallingford side. Short term accommodations with a month-long commitment might be just right for contractors working on quick projects, or for someone who finally has a month off and doesn't want to worry about anything more than gulls and boat wakes. If you like it, maybe they'll have another opening so you don't have to move out; but don't expect it. This houseboat may be so popular that you'll have to find your own after your stay.

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Written by Tom Trimbath