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Renting From Big to Small: A Look Around The Eastside

Renter's Week isn't just about Seattle. There's a whole slew of places worth renting on the Eastside as well. But where to start? We figure you could go small or you could go big, so let's start there. We took a look at the smallest and biggest rentals currently available in Bellevue, Renton and Kirkland to get an idea of what's going on. Let's dig in...

The Eastside's Tiniest Rentals

↑ Tiny apartments are not new. Some Central Park East units were built in 1969, and they list one that's only 238 square feet for $1,411 a month. It's a bit of a guess which photo goes with which unit, but you might be paying for amenities as much as floor space. Lots of apartments have 24 hour gyms and storage centers, but this one has a large pool, a large laundry, and night time patrols. The most useful addition may just be the business center in case you don't want to have to deal with Bellevue's traffic just to run back to the office for a quick project. They even have package pickup, which can be handy. Oh yes, and pets are allowed, but those pickups are up to you.

↑ Let's start small in Renton with a studio at 449 square feet for $1,049 per month. Harrington Square is a complex with a lot of the amenities, plus a chance at a view, plus access to Lake Washington at Coulon Park, 405, and buses - and of course, a trip down the hill to Boeing. You might even be able to get by without a car. Bring the pets, go for a walk, and leave the yard work to someone else.

↑ Is 500 square feet small enough for you? There's a Kirkland studio apartment at Ondine at Juanita Bay
that is $1,425 per month. The unit looks fresh enough, but the most modern parts may be the services that enable easier apartment living: package delivery, online payments, on-site maintenance, and an internet cafe - just in case your computer hiccups. Being close to the bay has other advantages, particularly, the bay. Get out there and play, and bring your dog along. Cats are allowed too, but they probably want to stay dry. At least there's a laundry in the unit, so you can clean your clothes after you've played on the beach.

The Eastside's Biggest Apartment Rentals

↑ The largest downtown Bellevue listing is for a 2,230 square foot townhouse in Washington Square. It costs $6,500 a month, but they have a concierge, and of course the fitness center, common areas, and hot tub. What's inside the unit are tile floors, floor to ceiling windows, granite in the kitchen, glassed-in showers, and high-end appliances. The unit is a townhouse, though, so that means a second floor, room for an office, and a bit of separation between the various rooms. It also means you can stomp on your second floor and not bother a stranger downstairs, unless you invited them in or stomp really hard. Your pets might appreciate having a set of stairs to play on.

↑ There's nothing between this Renton complex and Lake Washington except a road and Coulon Park. Bella Vista has a 1,708 square foot apartment with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths for $2,995. That's big enough for a small family, and close enough that there's a place to play, or at least walk along and enjoy. The units are reasonably new and varied, so be sure to tour before you sign. There's a potential for some views. You might also have a short commute if you work at Boeing or at the Seahawks' Training Facility. Going to work without hitting the highway can be worth a lot.

↑ If you like the lake, you might as well live beside it. This Kirkland unit is waterfront, and even has space for a buoy, just in case you had some water toys that needed to be tied up. It is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath unit with 2,560 square feet. That's big for an apartment, which also partly explains the $3,750 per month rent. It has a sauna and a jetted tub. It also has a case-by-case pets policy, even if yours is a water dog that would never want to climb out of the lake to come into the unit. You also have to provide a letter of introduction, so they know who they are dealing with. Evidently, essay tests didn't end with college.

The Eastside's Biggest House Rentals

↑ Sometimes you just need space, lots of space. Rent this Bellevue house for $6,900 a month in West Bellevue and get 5,490 square feet inside, 0.33 acres outside, and room for 3 cars. That means there's enough room for 7 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, a second kitchen, and a wet bar. There are even views of the Bellevue skyline. That's plenty of room to roam and spread out, which is particularly handy if you have a large family or people who needs lots of personal space. Finally, a solution that provides enough storage for all those runs to the big box stores.

↑ If it's a house you're hunting for in Renton, there's a 2,850 square foot one in Kennydale with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths for $3,200 per month. The lot is 8,264 square feet, and backed by the May Creek greenbelt, so there'll be nature about. Inside, there's air conditioning, and a home office, and rooms that must be large considering the square footage and the number of bedrooms. There's also more space for a workshop, or at least more storage. Just to make things a bit easier, there's a built-in vacuum system and surround sound (for when the vacuum isn't running.)

↑ Need something a bit bigger in Kirkland? How about a house with 4,344 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3 levels, 2 elevators, a lift for your boat, and dock for your other boat(s), and a sauna. It is 0.33 acres of waterfront for $10,000 a month; a nice, round number. You'll even have more time to play because yard service is included. Pets, however, are not. They'll have to find their own place. You, however, will have awesome views of the lake, luxurious accommodations, and a premier place to entertain and relax. You can even have a race; which of the two elevators runs faster?

Written by Tom Trimbath