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The Bear Up There: I-90 Animal Overpass Breaking Ground

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I-90 is a critical highway for humans trying to connect between Western Washington and everything east of the Cascades. Unfortunately, it runs right through a critical habitat for the region's wildlife as well. The two groups often meet in the middle and usually with dire consequences for one or both parties. WSDOT is hoping that a 150-foot freeway overpass for animals will help remedy the situation and save lives on both sides. The department breaks ground Tuesday on the structure, which will be built large enough for bears and elk but also enticing enough for squirrels and mice. The overpass is just one of twenty-such structures planned for an eighteen-mile stretch across Snoqualmie Pass. Four underpasses have already been completed and WSDOT has captured images of multiple types of wildlife taking advantage of the easier crossing. The entire project, which has so far been funded through a gas tax, has a price tag close to $1 billion and still needs full funding to be completed.
· Special I-90 overpass will help animals cross safely [ST]

Snoqualmie Pass

1001 State Route 906, Snoqualmie, WA