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Kirkland's Prima Vista Commands Views & $6.2M Price Tag

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You know you've got a fancy house when you've got doric columns in your bathroom. Designed by renowned architect Stuart Silk, the Kirkland estate known as "Prima Vista" just hit the market and you're looking at a $6.288M price tag if you want in. The 8,060 sf, four-bedroom mansion had been listed previously until 2011 when it came off the market after 1.5 years. Given the start of the market now, not a bad time to try again. Along with that fancy, columned bathroom, you're also looking at a home theater, game room, gym & rather rustic wine cellar. Beyond the gated entrance, a landscaped driveway leads you down onto the property where you can head inside or make your way out to the waterfront featuring 70 feet of deep moorage. Of course, a home like this has gotta have a pool and so it does, along with jacuzzi alongside. Goes without saying this one is for the highest of high luxury buyers. The taxes along will run you $35,401 annually.

· 10907 80th Place NE, Kirkland [Estately]