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Meet a Tiny Craftsman in Highland Park Asking $225K

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Welcome to Tiny Homes, an idea that is more popular with minimalists than with neighborhood associations and zoning boards. We'll point out the fun parts. You'll have to check out the logistics and legalities - but this one is just like a normal house, but tinier.

There's a tiny craftsman in Highland Park, a house that is. There are only a couple of dozen houses in Seattle that cost less than this asking price of $225,000. That's probably because it is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house with only 630 square feet; but it has all the basic amenities - plus more than average style. Many of the extra elements are simple enough, yet not extravagant. The simplest is the way they painted the interior walls. A few bold colors make the space more vibrant. The painting was probably simpler than the difficult choice that managed to steer away from garish. A wooden shelf that sits at the end of the claw foot tub may be just a pragmatic way to keep the soap from escaping into the land of dust bunnies at the back of the bathroom, but the wood and the paneling beside it warm the room. Outside, there's a firepit (which probably shouldn't be used until we've had some rain). The pit is set in the center of a radial ring of bricks on edge, which is a fire-safe surface (but may not be stiletto-heel safe.) None of the choices were expensive, but they may be valuable; especially at such a price.

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Written by Tom Trimbath