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Take a Look at the Two Towers Planned at the Old KING 5 Site

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We'd already seen the shell of Kilroy's plans for the old KING 5 site at 333 Dexter in South Lake Union. Tonight, the design review board gets a good look at improved renderings and we can take a peak as well. The proposed set of 12-story towers will include 582,000 sf of office space, 15,000 sf of retail and roughly 700 underground parking spaces. Each building has its own distinct look based on where it's facing. The south tower would feature a concave shape that allows for a public plaza and Space Needle views. The north tower seems to be much more straight-forward, though the proposal does call for "a robust architectural statement." It looks like heavy usage of criss-cross columns will be used to jut the buildings out while keeping sidewalk space clear for pedestrians. The two towers would connect on three levels so some floors could stretch as big as 60,000 sf. The Miller Hull Partnership is lead architect on the project, which is expected to cost $375M and be completed by the middle of 2018.

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