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Get Close to Lake Union & July 4th Fireworks for $1.6M

The chill waters of Lake Union look a lot more inviting when it is this hot out. The waters are also welcome because spent fireworks won't find a lawn to land in. They may hit the roof, but you'll be up there watching the show - and they rarely hit anyone. Right? It is days like the Fourth that heighten the value of Seattle's houseboats. Sit on the rooftop deck of this one for $1,595,000, enjoy the view, and know that walking down the stairs gets you to 2,000 square feet of two story living space with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Pity the people lining up for the porta-potties. The fireworks aren't every day, though; so, the rest of the year spend more time noticing the open floor plan, the built-in angular furniture that reflects the angular wood paneling, and the jetted tub. The wine fridge that holds a few cases is also useful year-round. Some houseboats get to see the water, and maybe have room for a kayak or two. This one comes with a slip; which makes it much easier to jump into the Duck Dodge (if you don't know, ask a Seattle sailor), or create a commute that gets to ignore the traffic reports. Even if you don't jump in, paddle around, or sail across it, all that water will keep your house cooler. Imagine that, an air conditioner that is quiet and that can't break down.

· 2600 Fairview Ave E [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath