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Seattle's Södergren Studio House Now Available For $1.7M

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Conceived as a house and as a studio workshop, The Södergren Studio House was a collaboration between two people whose work has shaped the aesthetic trend known as Pacific Northwest Regionalism: studio furniture maker Evert Sodergren and architect Ralph Anderson. Originally a tiny beach cabin, the duo expanded the living space in 1972 to almost 3,700 square-feet, not including the garage and shop. The standout design piece? A hand-wrought spiral staircase that whisks you upstairs to the studio workshop along floating oaken treads. Outside, multiple facade decks with pickets face the water as well as the 55-foot dock included in the property. Inside, an arch motif looms throughout, along with original cabinetry and hand-crafted walnut parquet floors by Sodergren. Other features included in the three-level home are a 615 square-foot shop, three-car garage and elevator between the second and third floors A longtime gathering place for the Pacific Northwest's most talented artists, this rare regional architectural & design artifact is asking $1.7M.

· 9752 Lake Shore Blvd NE [Windermere]
· The Sodergren Studio House [SSH]