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Old Spaghetti Factory Warehouse Getting Mixed-Use Makeover

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Image: Jessica Sheridan

For 45 years, the Old Spaghetti Factory has called the waterfront warehouse at 2801 Elliott Avenue home. Their pasta-slinging days may end sometime soon now that the 1902-built building and the lot it sits on have been sold. Per PSBJ, Nitze-Stagen & Meriwether Partners have purchased the property (including an adjacent parking lot) for $9 million and have plans to construct a mixed-use project on the block. Whether that means demolishing the warehouse or incorporating it into a taller tower remains to be seen. Zoning currently allows for a 65-foot structure. Nitze-Stagen says they don't have any kind of specific plan at the moment, but have put the idea of a commercial and residential space out there for consideration. It's also still possible that OSF could remain on site as well since all parties are currently keeping options open.
· Seattle firms eye redevelopment of Old Spaghetti Factory [PSBJ]