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Land Bridge Connects UW & Montlake Triangle, Light Rail Next

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Pedestrian and bicycle traffic around Montlake Triangle can be a tricky bit of maneuvering depending on the time of day or when UW football games are going on. The new land bridge that Seattle landscape architecture firm GGN has designed is going to make it a whole lot easier. Via DJC, a multi-million collaboration between WSDOT, Sound Transit and the University of Washington has connected Montlake Triangle to UW's Rainier Vista and remaking the way people commute through. It's part of Sound Transit's bigger vision of improving the region's traffic issues while focusing on enhancing alternative transportation infrastructure.

The land bridge crosses over Northeast Pacific Place, narrowing as it does as to avoid the "tunnel feeling" for drivers. The two pathways along the bridge will cross to form an X, emulating the Gothic arches found on UW's campus.

The bridge will connect to a new pedestrian & bike bridge that Sound Transit has built over Montlake Boulevard as to make it easier for commuters using the upcoming light rail station at Husky Stadium.

On the campus side, bike/pedestrian paths will be lined with native plantings, gardens and new concrete benches. Native trees have also been planted along the extension to maintain the transition from campus to roads.

Sound Transit expects 25,000 people to flow through the new light rail station on weekdays by 2030. With easy access to UW, the Burke-Gilman Trail and Husky Stadium, expect it to be a busy spot on weekends as well.
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Husky Stadium

3800 Montlake Blvd., Seattle, WA 98105