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Marvel at the Victorian Style in This $2M Orcas Island 3-BR

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Somebody loved wallpaper, or knew where they could get a lot on sale. There's a 4,109 square foot house on Orcas that was built to be Victorian inside and out. Ornate wallpaper, antique carved woodwork, fireplace mantels from the 1880s, even the lighting fixtures and stained glass windows match the era of chintz, knick-knacks, and flamboyant elegance. It would be tough to run out of things to talk about because everywhere you look there's something with enough detail to distract and wonder at. There are 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, but the $1,988,000 asking price has as much to do with style as the location and the 7.5 acre property.

The house may look like Queen Victoria is on the throne, but it was built in 2005; so, there are plenty of modern sensibilities. The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances and the bathrooms have conventional tubs and showers. No need for coal stoves or hot water brought in by servants one pail at a time. Hot water is on demand, air conditioning is installed, and this fancy non-1880 stuff called electricity is throughout. Just because it looks Victorian doesn't mean you have to live Victorian.

· 1656 Eagle Ridge Rd, Orcas Island [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath