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'Bill The Butcher House' Chops Price Back Down to $2.2M

Our old friend The Bill The Butcher House re-listed this week and we figured it was a good time to check in with our favorite Queen Anne real estate listing full of sheep. As you might remember, the property at 812 W Galer Street became the centerpiece of a scandal last year when it was revealed Bill The Butcher CEO J'Amy Owens used "hundreds of thousands" of the company's money to help buy the home as the butcher shop hemorrhaged profits and eventually closed. After dropping the price to $2.15M, it skyrocketed all the way back up to $2.75M in February. Four price-chops later, it's back down to $2.2M. Aside from decorative sheep, the 5,350 square-foot property also includes a "tower" apartment and authentic Japanese tea house, so it's got value. Just not enough for that old price, it seems.

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