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$2.5M Edmonds Gold Coast Rambler With Two Rental Units

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Having something to rent on your property can make the mortgage payment much easier. In this case, double the effect because there are two adjacent rentals for this Edmonds Bowl property. Can two extra rent checks really help with a house that has an asking price of $2,485,000? It is hard to tell which photos go with which residence; but evidently, the price includes 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, and 3,912 square feet of living space. It is impressive that they were able to fit three housing options on 11,325 square feet of land. It isn't just any piece of land; it's on the "Gold Coast" with unobstructed views of the Sound and the Olympics - when the cars, trucks, and trains aren't driving by. Maybe you can call the property waterfront because there isn't another house between it and the water, but there is a road and the train tracks. The value isn't just in the view. Inside the 1955 house has been remodeled to live up to, and maybe set the standard for, contemporary luxury. There are also functional elements that have been upgraded. The kitchen is polished and modern. The patios are expertly built, and shaded by articulated awnings. The landscaping is new; so, we'll leave it to a buyer to see how well it takes and sets. Are you up for taking in the view from Edmonds?

· 608 Sunset Ave N, Edmonds [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath

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