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Amazon HQ-Adjacent Residential Tower Coming Soon

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Greystar and The Justen Company are going all-in on their massive, full-city block project directly across the street from Amazon's South Lake Union headquarters. Weber Thompson returns to the design review board this evening to present plans for one half of the project for recommendation. The 425 Fairview Ave. N portion of this property will include 430 apartments within a 24-story tower and seven-story mid-rise structure. The project will also include nearly 10,000 square feet of retail and 530 parking stalls. Combined with the complimentary project on the block, the entire site will total 715 apartments. Plans call for public open space at each corner as well as rooftop greenery & a sky lounge/party. Greystar paid $21.9M for the property and will demolish the five buildings currently located there to make room. Looks like they'll make their money back...

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