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Big, Yellow Northlake Floating Home Lists For $519K

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Buy the right houseboat and get a deck and a dock and probably some ducks and - let's just skip playing with the rest of the vowels, now. (Of course you could also be parched from your perch of a porch, despite being surrounded by water.) Live on the north end of Lake Union and your view is to the south and Seattle's skyline, including the Needle. If you like yellow, or know how to handle a paint brush, this 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath houseboat may be a fine place to settle in the city. For $519,000, this two story, 900 square foot, 1986 house has style, location, and a way of living many dream of but few experience. The bedrooms are downstairs, where the lake can keep things cool, and the living and work spaces are upstairs where the views are better, Go up top, and get onto the deck that maximizes the views because there they are all around you. One neighbor is Gas Works Park. Another can be full-sized ocean-going ships like the Highland Light - probably not a party boat, so maybe they'll be quiet. If you want to get around without a car, the Burke-Gilman is ready for your bicycle, and Lake Union is ready for your kayak. Considering all the talk about earthquakes, maybe floating on water is safer than sitting on land. Besides, Lake Union probably won't have to worry about tsunamis.

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Written by Tom Trimbath