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12 Photos That Sum Up This Gaudy $8.15M Spokane Mansion

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Welcome to the Spokane mansion that Amway Global built. Not literally, but indirectly. The 9,164 square-foot 4-BR situated on almost 116 acres in Spokane's rural suburb of Chattaroy was constructed piece-by-piece by Brad & Julie Duncan. The Duncans are big players in the world of Amway and we're just going to let you decide how you feel about that. The sprawling 1996 residence has been featured in videos and as a showcase for the wealth they've accrued. Now they're selling it for $8.15M and they are not skimping on the real estate listing photos. 126 to be exact. So, we sorted through them all to find the ten most important, most glitzy, and most bit-too-much of the bunch.

· 23508 N Meadow River Lane, Chattaroy [Estately]
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