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Sight Unseen, 1915 Ravenna House Sold For $200K Over Ask

It's already hard enough for homebuyers in Seattle to compete with one another. Now they have to compete with out-of-towners who don't even visit the homes they're offering on? Such is the crazy world of the Seattle real estate market right now. KIRO has the story on this Ravenna 3-BR that sold for $1.175M last week. It's notable because that's $200K higher than the asking price ($975K) and also because the buyer never actually stepped foot inside the house...or even the city. According to Sotheby's International's Cassie Daughtrey, the buyers used a FaceTime video and listing photos to see the 2,900 square-foot residence, though they had already made their offer before even seeing the video. Daughtrey says the buyers have since been inside the modernized 1915 home and like it but "it's an insane purchase, not to see it, to me."

· 1507 NE Ravenna Blvd [Estately]
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