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Get Lost in the Details of an $8.9M Mercer Island Mansion

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You know they did the mansion right when there's a place for the fish (a Koi pond), the dog (a dog run), a play space (the putting green), and the toys (a deep water dock.) You may lose count of the rooms (6 bedrooms and 5.75 bath, and an extra apartment), but it would be hard to forget the 46 foot infinity pool, and the views of Lake Washington and Seattle. And, if you wrote out the check for the $8,889,000 asking price - well, that would be a memorable event, too. After that you might need to soak in the tub, hit the sauna, or work it all out in the gym. The house is 9,120 square feet and the lot is 31,246 square feet (~¾ acre); so, if you had to pace around for a while, there's plenty of room to roam. Bump into the bar. That might help. Credit should be given to Norris Homes, because the entire package works well together. It takes skill to take that scale and keep it from becoming a cavern, or reflexively cluttering it up with ornamentation.

· 2053 Faben Dr [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath

Waterfront Park

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