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Cornerspotted: Paving 34th & McGraw in Magnolia

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Yesterday, we asked you to guess where road-workers were paving this road in 1963. Fnarf nailed it with a guess of "34th and McGraw in downtown Magnolia."

Images: UW Libraries, Google Maps Fnarf also has a complete rundown of the whole area: "The travel agency is about where the Key Bank drive thru is now. Oddly, there's a Seattle Public Library sign right next to it, but I don't remember a branch there. It must have moved to its current location shortly after. GG's Broiler is now Rogo's, it was Szmania's for many years. Scott's cleaners next to it, far right, was still a cleaners, Robert's, until fairly recently. The Union station is now a 76."
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Seattle Public Library

1000 4th Ave., Seattle, WA 98104