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Ride Out 'The Big One' On Your $1M Fairview Houseboat

It's okay to admit it; after a week of incredible articles about earthquakes around Seattle, the idea of buying a house that isn't on earth (aka land, dirt, and soil) begins to look more appealing. Buy a houseboat and you buy a building that is meant to put up with waves, bouncing around, and at most, being tied to a dock. Here's one in Fairview, on the east side of Lake Union. There's no foundation to shake, and the water is a lake, not the ocean, so less chance of a tsunami. Sure, there'll be some sloshing about, but it's built for a bit of that. For $989,000 (and $425/month) you get a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house built and floating (we assume) since 1978. It has two stories, and is near the end of the dock. If you want to be ultra-secure, you can apply for good moorage for something stouter like an off-shore cruiser, if the slip fits and the neighbors approve. The house is clean, and empty, and just a bit dated for some; but upgrades and remodels happen. There's even the beginnings of a second floor bath. Most of the time, the houseboat will be a fine example of urban living, close to more than enough to keep you engaged, entertained, and distracted in the meantime.

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Written by Tom Trimbath