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1922 Central District House Gets a Contemporary Makeover

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Project Name: Bogun House Renovation
Location: Cherry Hill (Central District)
Timeframe: November 2013 - March 2014
Cost: $123 per square foot
Professional: Dialect Remodeling Inc
Description: This was a full renovation on a very outdated house. Dialect removed walls within the house to open up the floor plan, giving a 1,030 sq ft main floor a much more spacious feel. By installing two-tone, piano finish, kitchen cabinets along with bamboo hardwood floors, they converted the 1922 home into something more contemporary. The work included replaced plaster with new drywall; insulated walls up to code requirements; upgraded electrical and mechanical systems; adding an additional 910 sq ft to the living space in the form of a furnished basement; new interior and exterior paint; new vinyl windows; and lastly, touched up on landscaping to make the home more welcoming.

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