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Puget Sounders Among Least Likely in U.S. to Say Home Is Ideal

We've been told that Seattle's current residential issues are all just a figment of the media's imagination, but, if that's true, the people of Seattle sure don't seem to think so. A recent Gallup poll asked adults in the 100 most populous U.S. metropolitan areas whether or not their house or apartment is ideal for them and their family. The Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue region was among the ten lowest rated. On a scale of one to five, only 68.2 percent of those polled rated their current living situation a four or five. That's tied with residents of Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News as the ninth-lowest.

Puget Sounders seems to have it a little better than Spokane residents, who had 67.6 percent respond with a four or five. Nationally, 72.6 percent of respondents say their current housing is ideal for them.

Gallup does note that "even in these lower-ranking communities, around two in three residents say their home is ideal for their family." They also point out that while we might be quick to assume current housing prices are to blame for low ideal housing scores, there are many factors that can apply (size, location, disability accessibility, etc.). However it's clear that there's something in the water in the Pacific Northwest, where three major markets (Seattle/Bellevue, Portland & Spokane) are among the ten lowest-rated metros. Question is, is that a function of what we can afford or a function of who we are?
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