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Last Week's Biggest Sales: $2.6M Olmstead-Designed Estate

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Listed for: $2.9M
Received: $2.625M
Size: 5-BR, 4-bath, 5,130 sf.
Location: 13535 Northshire Rd NW, Broadview
The Skinny: "Paradise Discovered" is a 2.3-acrew parcel that's part of an Olmstead-designed estate and boasts a Carl Gould carriage house originally built in 1914 and main house designed by Loveless & Lamont built in the 40's. There's also a sport court, barn, garden and much more. On and off the market for the last couple years, they finally found the right price and buyer for this urban ranch.

Listed for: $3.25M
Received: $2.595M
Size: 5-BR, 4-bath, 5,346 sf.
Location: 1510 37th Ave E, Madison Park
The Skinny: We profiled this Madison Park 5-BR back in February 2014. The 5,346 square-foot home is crammed into a 6,000-square-foot lot overlooking a golf course but boasts enough interior features to make life easy. Another one that had been on and off the market a few times since then.

Listed for: $2.4M
Received: $2.4M
Size: 2-BR, 1.75-bath, 1,824 sf.
Location: 1521 2nd Ave #2200, Downtown
The Skinny: Second week in a row that a Fifteen Twenty One condo made the list. This one didn't waste any time. Listing on June 12, it was pending by June 13. Either someone really knew what they wanted or the buyer was enthralled by the two bathroom photos that serve as the only photos in the listing of the actual unit.