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Buy The Queen of Seattle For Less Than Most Seattle Houses

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Image: Joe Mabel

This one floats in Lake Union but it's not a floating home. The Queen of Seattle, the 138-foot paddle-wheeler that shuffles tourists, partygoers and weddings all around the city's central body of water, has just dropped it's asking price to less than the median Seattle home. When it first hit the market, the 1984-built vessel asked $895,000, later coming down to $500K and eventually now at the low, low price of $250K. It even comes with a bit of mystery. The original owner died under potentially-dubious means before the current owners purchased the boat. Keep in mind if you do buy The Queen, you'll need to consider moorage, fuel, insurance and a requirement that a licensed steam engineer be on board at all times. So, consider $250K just the beginning...
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