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Living in Mediterranean Style in Magnolia for $2.3M

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Tucked behind a row of palm trees at the end of a stone path, you might mistake the view from this four-bedroom home at 2805 43rd Ave W as the Mediterranean and not Puget Sound. It's Magnolia, though, not Morocco. However, the experience inside this 3,560 square-foot abode certainly drives home that Mediterranean style as much as possible. After passing under a trellis, you're immediately greeted by stone & oak floors, beamed ceilings and warm colors. Plenty of stylistic features in the doorways and overhangs complete the overall aesthetic. How long did it take to tile that bathroom? Best not to ask. Better to just admire touches like the coved kitchenette downstairs. The pool out back might feel a bit more American but on a sunny day it'll be easy to fool yourself. Built in 1937, the residence is asking $2.29M just a little over a month from initially asking $2.4M.

· 2805 43rd Ave W [Estately]