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124 Years Later, Green Lake Victorian Still Taking In the View

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This 7 bedroom, 7.5 bath house has 5,390 square feet and a lot of history. It was built in 1891, beside Green Lake - the bigger Green Lake, the one from before they drained it. Now, the asking price is $2,400,000. Then, how much of the lake could've been bought for that much? The renovation has been complete. What hasn't been changed? It probably wasn't that big, back then. Now, the only way to fill it is with a big family, a lot of guests, or a lot of roommates. Or, maybe you just want the extra space. There's plenty to draw your attention, from the intricately carved staircase to the stained glass windows - both of which look original, or at least from some pre-WWII remodel. The post-WWII work is impressive as well. Many of the doors and windows are adorned with carved wood that treats each space as an frame into another work of art. The banisters are turned wood spindles and the staircase wall is wood paneled. Look close and see if it was there for ornamentation, or has it been patina-ed over the decades with lots of passages. As much as keeping the old is appealing, modern sensibilities mean the kitchen and baths have been updated. Outside there's 10,840 square feet of intricate land. There's room for patios, and a koi pond; as well as a carriage house. Need some place for folks to stay outside the main house? Sure, there's a place for that. Every house needs another house on the property, right?

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Written by Tom Trimbath