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Gargoyles Protect This $1.13M Pike Place Condo Too Well

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Some houses are snapped up in days. Others take years. The sellers should be commended for their patience.

Maybe the gargoyles atop The Fischer Building are scaring the buyers. It's easy to imagine a condo as a piece of a modern building, new construction built after the recent crash just in time for the Great Seattle Immigration. Seattle has history, and there's a 1,993 square foot penthouse condo in an historic 1913 building by Pike Place Market that has been on the real estate market for over a year. Its 2 bedrooms and 1.75 baths are secondary to a mix of styles that is historic Seattle, New York loft, Italian Renaissance, and a bit of Pacific Rim. And, gargoyles guard the roof. It must be the gargoyles' fault. The lack of a sale couldn't be the asking price of $1,125,000, or the $1,500 monthly dues; could it? Go back far enough and the building housed a concert hall. Now, the condo is a two-story penthouse unit with columnar decorations, recessed ceilings, intricate wallpaper, and overall a sense of classical style. There's enough room for two floors because halls are like that, and that also means there's a great spacious volume for the living room. A spiral staircase connects the floors, open without taking up too much space. The stainless steel appliances look appropriate for the subtle color selection, instead of just being trendy additions. Get into the bathroom and find ornate tile work that keeps the shower from looking like a clinician's closet.

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Written by Tom Trimbath