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Last Week's Biggest Sales: $2.15M 111 Highland Drive Condo

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Listed for: $2.4M
Received: $2.15M
Size: 2-BR, 2.5-bath, 2,764 sf.
Location: 111 W Highland Dr Unit 3E, Queen Anne
The Skinny: We tracked a lot of the higher-up condo sales at 111 Highland Drive but it says something that one of the third-floor units can top this list too. Initially asking $2.4M, they had to come a bit to make the sale. The buyer gets a huge South Slope placement with stunning Seattle views. There's also an option for a third bedroom if you move some things around.

Listed for: $1.65M
Received: $1.595M
Size: 3-BR, 3.5-bath, 3,240 sf.
Location: 3812 Cascadia Ave S, Mt. Baker
The Skinny: Designed by Stephenson Design Collective, this brand-new modern home got just about what it was asking for. Some pretty impressive views here, especially from the great room and it's window walls. The views from the master bedroom are nothing to sleep on either, unless you're going to sleep.

Listed for: $1.65M
Received: $1.585M
Size: 5-BR, 3.5-bath, 3,340 sf.
Location: 1417 41st Ave E, Madison Park
The Skinny: Last sold for $1.55M in 2006, this house didn't appreciate too much since for some reason, selling for just a bit more. Spacious and tall, it gives a big family a chance to spread out a bit.