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Capitol Hill Four Square by Saunders & Lawton Lists for $2.35M

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When it was built in 1909 by architects George Lawton and Charles Saunders, the 8-BR at 902 17th Ave E had a lot to live up to. It was the home of Leo Schwabacher, who ran the Schwabacher Hardware Company and was part of one of Seattle's wealthiest families of the era. Lawton & Saunders are remembered for their wide range of revival styles, though here they stuck to the popular Four Square/Box style of the time. Inside, the home has been renovated and maintained in the century since and mixes that early 20th-century charm with modern amenities. The 7,549 square-foot home still recalls the grand-style living of the time with it's impressive foyer, staircase & formal day rooms but also nods to the modern day with a renovated kitchen and updated systems. Also strewn throughout this Seattle classic are three fireplaces, original brass hardware, period light fixtures and oak wainscoting. Asking $2.35M, it's a luxury Capitol Hill house for those who don't mind mixing the new Seattle with the old.

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