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Make This Alki Industrial Modern Your Home For $800K

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At 70 feet long and 18 feet wide, the 2004-built industrial modern home at 3419 30th Ave SW in Alki certainly stands out, even if it's tucked into an urban infill site. 360 Design Studio's Sean Bell designed and built this house for his family and did the end result is a passive-solar home that's now available for $800K. It was important to Bell that the skinny 3-BR not "feel like a bowling alley" and it certainly doesn't look like any bowl-o-rama we've ever been to. Concrete floors and exposed beams would be one thing but each room uniquely shows off it's own distinct, sustainable features. While the kitchen, dining, and living areas are one large living space, they're all clearly demarcated. Twin kitchen islands make all the difference. Minimalistic throughout, there's no shortage of "whoa" moments as you move from room to room (unique room dividers seem to be a big deal here). You may want to buy the place just so you can take your time discovering it all.

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