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Mapping Where the Renters Are in Seattle

Journalist and web developer Ken Shwencke has created an interactive map to show just how much renters dominate major U.S. cities. Using 2013 American Community Survey data, the map separates out those who rent (red dots) from those who own (blue dots) within each census tract. Each dot represents 25 housing units. Here in Seattle, as nationally, we find renters scrunched together in the densest areas, i.e. the places it's most hard to buy a home. The highest renter densities appear to be Capitol Hill, Central District, Downtown, U-District and Queen Anne, give or take. No surprise, if you want to live amongst the buyers, you better head to a shoreline. With homeowner rates declining and housing prices continuing to climb, those red dots probably aren't going anywhere (unless they get priced out themselves).
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