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Spiral Staircase Steals Show in Ralph Anderson NW Design

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Northwest Design was what architect Ralph Anderson called his most iconic architectural style. "I tried to use a lot of wood, and I tried to work with the contours, textures and vegetation of the Northwest, the wooded environment. Quite often I would have big, hovering roofs that would open up to the view." That quote comes to life with this 4-BR in Clyde Hill that just hit the market asking $1.78M. Built in 1975, this 3,820 square-foot residence is tucked away in the surrounding nature, complete with a small bridge to give you the sense that you're headed toward a castle. After walking down the most brick pathway to ever be bricked, you're greeted by a stunning, handcrafted spiral staircase that takes you upstairs. Up there, you get all the Anderson touches: window walls, open spaces, beautiful woods and plenty more connections to nature. This place is quintessential Ralph Anderson and quintessential Clyde Hill. Now you just need to round up a quintessential $2M.

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