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Buy This Eastlake Floating Home on a Corner Lot For $2.9M

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Buy a corner lot and have fewer neighbor and a better view. It's true in suburbia and it's true with floating homes, too. A luxury floating house on the corner end of a dock is for sale at $2,895,000; so, evidently location and views carry a value measured in millions - though, the house commands a lot of that value, too. It is a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath with 1,650 square feet of houseboat that has views from the I-5 bridge, past Gas Works, and over to the Space Needle. Lake Union has a lot of different kinds of boats and you'll get to see a lot of them, and their wakes. For a house that's supposed to float, it is impressive how much stone, marble, and tile are installed onboard. Even the dock looks like textured concrete. The style is Northwest Contemporary, which means lots of well-tended wood (that floats), including the vaulted ceilings. And, of course, such a fine location with such fine views means a lot of windows, including Panda windows that fold out of the way opening the inside to the outside. There's an outside deck (is there such a thing as an inside deck?) and an outside kitchen for those days when you don't want the heat and the smoke to linger indoors. There's also moorage outside, so yachties can tie up for a visit, or so you can keep your big toys near and ready to sail.

· 2821 Fairview Ave [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath