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Seattle Really Nerds Out When It Comes to Naming Our Pets

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You're such a bunch of nerds, Seattle. We know this because of what KUOW discovered when they perused the names of every licensed dog, cat, goat and pot-bellied pig in town. Sure, the most popular dogs names are the ones you'd expect: Lucy, Bella, Charlie, Max & Buddy. But they also found a prodigious number of pop culture-referenced names including Frodo, Bilbo, Gandalf, Xena, Skywalker, Rorschach, Daenarys, Kahleesi and even a Mr. Meowgi. Names aside, they also discovered that there currently seven pot-bellied pigs (including Barbie-Q & Bakon), 51 goats and two "wolf hybrids." Looks like those Twilight books were on to something...

Got a quality dog name that needs to be humblebragged our outright bragged about? Let us know in the comments below...
· There Are More Dogs Named Frodo Than Fido In Seattle [KUOW]
Image: s pants