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Here's Villa Mia, a Tiny Northlake Houseboat Asking $225K

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Live on the north end of Lake Union and get a view of the Seattle skyline, including being able to watch South Lake Union transform itself (without getting wrapped up in the construction noise and nuisances.) A small houseboat, the 420 square foot Villa Mia, is up for sale. It has 1 bedroom and 0.75 baths for $225,000. Be surrounded by the natural cooler that is the lake, and be entertained by the birds, boats, and planes that cruise by. And, of course, be situated just right for the next set of fireworks. The boat was built in 1989, but recently remodeled, so there should be fewer things to worry about - at least for a while. For most of the year, you'll be in with the nearly all wood interior, but when you want to sit outside, there's a rooftop deck with (artificial?) grass and a checkerboard patio. Luckily, it is in with other boats, so there's less of a chance of a two-story blocking your view. Then, when you want to go somewhere, go; because the Burke-Gilman trail is right there, as well as UW, Fremont, and downtown. Rowing to work becomes an option. No need to listen to the traffic reports, except as entertainment and an exercise in empathy.

· 2401 N. Northlake Way [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath