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$1.4M Auburn Residence Offers 'Fine Grade of Fineness'

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We don't know how fine a "fine grade of fineness" is, but it sounds very fine. That's how the broker babble describes this Mediterranean-style three-bedroom in Auburn that just hit the market asking $1.4M. Built in 2000, the 3,993 sf residence comes complete with pool & hot tub, massive circle driveway, standalone garage for your fancy car collection, basketball court and a huge open space that could be a golf course or could be a bike course, hard to tell. The living rooms and master bedroom are made for indoor/outdoor living and there's 217K sf of outdoor space to connect with. Hope you don't mind being the centerpiece of the master suite bathroom while you shower (considering there's mirrors on both sides, clearly you don't). The current owners bought the land for $130K back in 1999. Clearly, they've done some work since then.

· 20927 SE 322nd St, Auburn [Windermere]
· Melby Residence [Momo]