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The Whitest County U Know: It's King County!

Gene Balk at The Seattle Times has been digging in to the most recent census data and discovered that, among the 20 most-populous U.S. counties, King County is the whitest. The numbers say that King County is 62.4 percent non-Hispanic white and the current white population of 1.3 million is the largest it has ever been. Incidentally, 62.4 percent is also the national population average of non-Hispanic whites.

Change is happening locally however. The fastest-growing racial population of King County since 2010 is Asian, which has increased by roughly 51,000 people since 2010. That's followed by multiracial people and Hispanics. Meanwhile, white population growth is the lowest since 2010, percentage-wise. At the current rate, non-Hispanic whites will become the "majority minority" in King County around 2035.
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Image: Seattle Municipal Archives