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The Most Coordinated Home on Bainbridge Down $1.5M Now

It was just a few months ago that we passed along "The Most Coordinated Home on Bainbridge Island" because, well, you just had to see it and appreciate such a complete dedication to a unique sense of style. Two years ago, this 3 bedroom, 5.75 bath waterfront house on six acres with 200 feet of Bainbridge's shoreline came on the market at $3,950,000. When we wrote about it, it was down to $2,925,000. Since then, they dropped it to $2,780,000; then popped it back up to $2.925M, and now it has dropped twice to sit at $2,450,000. That's a lot of action and a lot of patience for a property that has a grass tennis court, pool, gym, office, and grounds that are nicer than most parks. Sure, the inside is a particular style, but surely there's more than one millionaire that likes the same combination. If not, at least most of the color comes from things that can be rolled up or stripped away. Still waiting for the floral pool floor, though.

· Behold, The Most Coordinated Home on Bainbridge Island [CS]
· 16213 Agatewood Rd NE, Bainbridge Island [Redfin]

Waterfront Park

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